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Re: Writing TAR Tapes from Symbolics [under 7.2]

In message entitled "Writing TAR Tapes from Symbolic" on Jun 12, Gooch writes:
>     I have some stand-alone Symbolics machines with lisp files
>     that I would like to transfer to a Sun. We are running
>     Genera 7.2. Is there some public domain software that will
>     write out tapes in TAR formal from the Symbolics?
> The Genera command Write TAR Tape should do what you want.  I'm advised
> that the :Relativize keyword argument to this command should be avoided,
> as it may result in a tape that is unreadable.

Didn't Write Tar Tape only arrive in 8.0? I don't think it was there in
7.2. There was a flaky tar tape facility in Unsupported, I recall, however.
Some folks at ILA let us use theirs, which worked fine. They sent it in
response to a request on SLUG, but I'm not positive I'm allowed to pass
it on. Anyone at ILA care to respond?

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