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multi-page graphics to lgp3 (revisited)

    Date: Wed, 19-Jun-91 08:10:31-PDT


    Sorry to bring this up (this was discussed several months ago).	
    I'm trying to draw graphics to a hardcopy-stream that would cover several pages (both
    vertically and horizontally). Previously I remember Mike McMahon responding with a solution
    (I believe to this) of using the redisplayer as format-graph-from-root does, like:

	    (dw:do-redisplay (dw:redisplayer (hc-stream) (graphics stuff on hc-stream))
			     :full-set-cursorpos :graphics :once-only t)

    I tried this, and it almost works. It prints the first row (in my case two pages) of the
    graphics, but not anything else.

    Is there something I'm missing? Another solution?

    HW/SW: xl1200, 8.0.1, lgp3


I'd recommend going to CLIM, and using
clim:with-output-to-postscript-stream  that has the keyword
:multi-page, which when t, "any output that is larger than the
size of a page will automatically be broken up into several pages.  No hints
are given as to how the pages should be arrandged.  You're on your own here.

I've been using the Symbolics pre-release version of CLIM and have been
very happy with it.  I ran into a bug using formatting-table with the
above function, but it has already been fixed in the released version.
I tried the example using a formatting-graph-from-root, and it printed
to multiple pages nicely.

eric buckman 
e-mail : le01318@portal.decnet.lockheed.com  (I think!)