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Monitors radiation question.

Does anyone have any feelings (Pan what are your measurement
techniques?)  whether a monitor which is dimmed (L-machines/Lemo
brightness turned down, G-machines Function-c-Refresh, MacIvory Radius
screen saver stars, etc.) should emit less?

Sitting at the focus of 4 screens that get used intermittantly during
the day, I had hoped that dimming the screens would diminish emissions
to insignificant levels. ie. radiation is caused by the tube beta rays
striking the phosphore and producing weak X ray? which is absorbed by
the lead glass?

Or is the only effect a consequence of the 50/60 Hz mains induction
field - such as is found in homes situated under power line cables?

If the emissions are not related to the screen illumination intensity,
ie. dimming completely, viewing as white text on black background, and
at lowest intensity possibly - then should I be turning the monitor
power off, except when in active use?