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3-way arithmetic IF

I need to compare two integers x and y, and perform routine 1
if x<y, routine 2 if x=y, and routine 3 if x>y.  X and Y are
bignums on the order of six words long.  The operation must be
as fast as possible.
  Testing x<y takes about 85-95 microseconds;
  testing x=y takes about 79-83 microseconds;
  total worst-case time of about 178 microseconds.

  Evaluating (signum (- x y)) takes about 175 microseconds.

Question:  Is there a low-level arithmetic IF somewhere down in
the guts of the machine, that supports a single </=/> comparison
between two numbers and then switches control three ways accordingly?

[Disclaimer: Times aren't official, and the decimal could be off.]
John Myers~~