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RPC on Symbolics

    Date: Thu, 8 Aug 1991 18:09 EDT
    From: Eyvind Ness <eyvind@hrp.no>

    My God! How dense do you think I am? 

Sorry, didn't mean to offend.  It's difficult to tell from here how much
someone has figured out on their own.  I don't think the 8.0
documentation ever says what unloaded systems you have to load to get
these facilities.

					 The problem is that on Symbolics
    there seems to be no direct way of achieving the functionality of
    CALLRPC and REGISTERRPC (well known library functions on every Sun
    Microsystems compatible NFS/RPC implementation). There doesn't even
    seem to be a portmapper/rpcbind process defined.

    I have tried:

    Find String <rpc-keywords> :files :>rel-8-0>**>*.lisp.newest

    with no success, in spite of the fact that many interesting functions
    are documented in Dex (probably UX400 stuff).

Sorry, I just noticed that you said "8.0".  All this stuff is bundled
with 8.1, but in 8.0 you have to purchase NFS or a UX400 to get network
RPC facilities.  It would be in SYS:EMBEDDING;RPC; if you had it.

Once you get it, there isn't a convenient CALLRPC function.  There are
macros that define RPC stubs and type conversions, serving the same
purpose as Sun's rpcgen.  Loading an RPC service automatically registers
it with the portmapper (Genera normally maps everything to the same
port, and a generic RPC server dispatches on the program and procedure