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RPC on Symbolics

   Date: Thu, 8 Aug 1991 16:46-0400
   From: barmar@Think.COM (Barry Margolin)

       Date: Thu, 8 Aug 1991 12:13 EDT
       From: eyvind%hrp.no@Warbucks.AI.SRI.COM (Eyvind Ness)

       Why aren't RPC library functions available on Symbolics 3600s? Some
       functions are described in the documentation (8.0) and Document
       Examiner gives info on yet more functions (presumably for UX400). Do
       you have to buy RPC separately for 3600s?

   You have to load the RPC system to get RPC runtime functions.  And if
   you want to write your own RPC functions, you have to load the
   RPC-Development system to compile them.

My God! How dense do you think I am? The problem is that on Symbolics
there seems to be no direct way of achieving the functionality of
CALLRPC and REGISTERRPC (well known library functions on every Sun
Microsystems compatible NFS/RPC implementation). There doesn't even
seem to be a portmapper/rpcbind process defined.

I have tried:

Find String <rpc-keywords> :files :>rel-8-0>**>*.lisp.newest

with no success, in spite of the fact that many interesting functions
are documented in Dex (probably UX400 stuff).

Thanks, anyway, Barmar! You are really doing a great job here, I
think, answering on almost every question popping up in this column no
matter how stupid it seems. Keep up the *good* work!