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soft carriage returns in zmacs?

	I'd appreciate any suggestions on how to do the following:

	I would like to modify zmacs so that when it displays a long
line of text it wraps the line only between words.      Auto fill mode
is in the right direction but auto fill mode insert CR's into
the buffer, which is not what I want.   I would like to be able to
change the zmacs window in which I view my buffer and have the
inter-word line break adjust to the new window width without my typing
meta-Q.   If you've used microsoft "word" you know what I'm talking
about (i.e. "soft" carriage returns).
	I figure the pieces must all be in there somewhere
because of what zmacs does with meta-Q, autofill minor mode, and
the line-wrapping of long text.

	I haven't found anything in the documentation that indicates I
can set this up straightforwardly (i.e. without modifying the source
code).   Does this sound like an easy hack?  A can of worms?

All comments and suggestions are welcome.
Joe Karnicky