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Summary of RPC on Symbolics

Summary of discussion: the Symbolics RPC library.

Q (eyvind@hrp.no): Are there any utilities corresponding to the Sun
RPC library functions CALLRPC and REGISTERRPC available on Symbolics
3600s running Genera 8.0?

A (mainly barmar@think.com): No. For 3600s, Symbolics RPC depends on
the optional IP/TCP and NFS software packages. In Genera 8.1, however,
this is no problem because IP/TCP and NFS are bundled with the


Caveat: Although RPC functionality is unavailable (actually it's
incomplete, which is even worse) on 3600s with Genera 8.0 or older,
all RPC-related functions are documented in the Document Examiner and
in the Networking Manual.

Notes: The programmer interface to Symbolics RPC looks a bit
unfamiliar to Explorer and Unix programmers at first sight. However,
the functionality is the same. Below is a little example showing some
of the differences.

Example: Client stub for calling remotefunction(string) -> string.


  host-name                        ;e.g. "remulus"
  program-number                   ;e.g. #x20abcdef
  version-number                   ;e.g. 1
  procedure-number                 ;e.g. 1
  ;; e.g (defvar query "user-id") and (defvar locf-query (locf query))


  program-name                          ;symbol
  (:number program-number)              ;as above
  (:version version-number)             ;as above
  (:client :lisp))                      ;tells Genera to make client stub

  procedure-name                        ;symbol
  (:number procedure-number)
    (query string))
    (reply string)))

;;; example call:
  (rpc:host-udp-transport-agent (net:parse-host host-name)))

;;; End of example.


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