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Senior AI/LISP Programming Position open in Baltimore, MD

AAI Corporation has a potential opening for an experienced AI/Lisp
programmer. The major program s/he would work on is a DARPA-funded
decision-support system for Navy applications. We are looking for someone
with a combination of skills: experience in integrating moderately large
AI systems, system architecture and design, and/or human-computer-interfaces,
as well as expertise with Common Lisp and object-oriented programming.

Experience with Symbolics and KEE is a definite plus; familiarity with CLOS 
and CLIM would also be helpful. Due the nature of the work, US citizenship is 
required and a current clearance is helpful.

The AI Lab at AAI Corporation is a small group in a corporation of 2000
employees. We are located in Baltimore, MD, and the rest of the corporation
does primarily aerospace, electronics, and defense applications.

For more information, send me email or contact:

Dr. V.J. Benokraitis
Director, Artificial Intelligence Lab
AAI Corporation
PO Box 126
Hunt Valley, MD 21030
(301) 683-6437

				- Marty Hall