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Re: Bootstrapping NFS

>> Date: Fri, 13 Sep 1991 15:44-0400
>> From: barmar@Think.COM (Barry Margolin)
>>     Date: Fri, 13 Sep 1991 15:41 EDT
>>     From: emays@watson.ibm.com (Eric Mays)
>>     We just did this about two weeks ago (except out NFS host is an AIX
>>     RS6000). We keep a small LMFS on an XL which is the nameserver. That
>>     LMFS holds sys;site, sys;ip-tcp, sys:nfs, and sys:embedding;rpc. This
>>     is described in the 8.1 install doc.
>>     There is a minor glitch, and that is that you need a patch from
>>     Symbolics in order to get the translations to go OK, and you also
>>     need to eval (sct:reload-logical-pathnames-translation-files)
>>     EACH time you boot. It's in our lispm-init.
>> You shouldn't need to do this every time you boot.  I do it right after
>> loading the NFS system, before loading other systems (which live on the
>> NFS server).
Almost all boots require loading some systems of the NFS server, thus
it's in the lispm-init. Another customer has reported this
difficulty as well.
>>     One other nasty is that the NFS connection dies at regular intervals
>>     throughout the day for us and this requires a :reset net. I have not
>>     yet heard from Symbolics as to whether this problem is theirs or not.
>> I've been using Lispm NFS for years and don't recognize this problem.
The error condition is that the "net is unreachable", our NFS server is
on a different subnet from the LIspms, which could be the cause of
the problem.
>>                                                 barmar