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Re: Bootstrapping NFS

    Date: Fri, 13 Sep 1991 15:41 EDT
    From: emays@watson.ibm.com (Eric Mays)

    We just did this about two weeks ago (except out NFS host is an AIX
    RS6000). We keep a small LMFS on an XL which is the nameserver. That
    LMFS holds sys;site, sys;ip-tcp, sys:nfs, and sys:embedding;rpc. This
    is described in the 8.1 install doc.

    There is a minor glitch, and that is that you need a patch from
    Symbolics in order to get the translations to go OK, and you also
    need to eval (sct:reload-logical-pathnames-translation-files)
    EACH time you boot. It's in our lispm-init.

You shouldn't need to do this every time you boot.  I do it right after
loading the NFS system, before loading other systems (which live on the
NFS server).

    One other nasty is that the NFS connection dies at regular intervals
    throughout the day for us and this requires a :reset net. I have not
    yet heard from Symbolics as to whether this problem is theirs or not.

I've been using Lispm NFS for years and don't recognize this problem.