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3650 -> X-Windows -> Sun ???

    Date: Wed, 18 Sep 1991 15:18 EDT
    From: evans@aplcen.apl.jhu.edu (R B Evans)

    Here is a potential problem that we have not figured out how to get
    around, if anyone has any experience with something like this, I would
    greatly appreciate hearing from you.

    We have an application, written using KEE, on a 3650/XL1200 using
    KEE's color windows.  Since I know that KEE will run on a UX machine,
    I assume it should run in an X-window environment.  Our problem is how
    to get KEE to use X-windows on the 3650/XL1200, and then how to send
    one of these windows over to a Sun workstation using X-windows or

Command: Start X Display <sun> :Activity <your app>

Where <sun> is the name of your Sun workstation, and <your app> is the
name of the application that uses KEE (the same thing you would use in
the "Start Activity" command).

Make sure the Sun workstation's namespace entry contains