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Why thanks?

To Swab@CHARON.arc.nasa.gov and ALL

> Rarely have I seen appreciation so profusely stated... You remind me of the
> one of the ten lepers who returned to Christ after finding himself healed.
> It's very refreshing to see such politeness on the net. Please keep it up!
> > Thanks, :) Rod.

I guess I should quickly explain my appreciation :)

I come from a micro-computer background, having
sold/installed/serviced Amigas for few years. In that time I
became very familiar with the machine through the assistance
of the Amiga community and just being very interested. There's
virtually nothing I or a close friend couldn't diagnose on those
things. The Amiga has done well enough for me that I have managed
to procure these 3650s. (I'm walking the financial razor's edge in
the attempt, but if not for this, then something else :)
  So anyway, leaving the familiar pond of Amigaland I quickly felt
myself sinking in the blackness of the Sea of Symbolics. The
combination of the unknown, and the debt load I pay to live the
unknown makes it all veddy sceddy..
   So after the hard drive panic, I could have looked up to see a carp
feeding on the bottom. I considered converting one 3650 into
a cooler for the office, and pushing the other one out into the
garden to watch it rust :) Fortunately I thought of requesting some
help from the SLUG first.
   The rest is local history :) Through some heavy hacking, and a
whole lot of help and info from the SLUG list, I have a pretty darn
good handle on what's happening in those big boxes. Now I know that
they're actually just big piggy banks that only accept thousand dollar
bills :)
   So providing I am able to overcome the hungry piggies, I intend to
do some darn fine animation for next year's SIGGRAPH in Chicago. All
you helpful folks will be mentioned on the screen, so be there!
   BTW, are there many SIGGRAPH members out there on the list? I just
noticed that Mike Fleming is the vice-chair of the Dallas chapter when
I got their newsletter. Small world Mike, I'm the vice-chair of
Vancouver SIGGRAPH. I bring this up because we're always looking for
speakers/demonstrators for our local group meetings. Anyone coming up
this way with computer graphic leanings please get in touch!
   (I must dig up a thesaurus and look up Thanks!)
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