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Postscript to bitmap

REGARDING                Postscript to bitmap

I am looking for some code that will take a postscript file and write out a
bitmap which can then be displayed on the screen (LispM or Sun or PC!).  Any
suggestions on what's available out there, fragments of code that do something
similar, or such.  Any hidden feature in 8.0 or CLIM that will help me do this?

We are pulling out some old screen dumps, etc. which somehow are postscript
files.  These files were not all (if any) written from a Symbolics.  

I have returned to SLUG (yeah!) after a long time and am scanning the hundreds
of messages that have accumulated in our archives.  So if this request is a
repeat, I hope to find responses, but welcome additional comments.  

I would appreciate responses directly to me also -- you may have to change the
reply address to rajd@ctc.fmc.com, removing any mention of "pluto".  Thanx.

-- rajendra