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Re: Any 3650/Fujitsu Eagle users out there?

    Date: Thu, 19 Sep 1991 08:29 PDT
    From: fleming@utdallas.edu (Mike Fleming)

    The service tech here suggests using a bad blocks file from any disk, then
    making the disk into one large paging file and running fix-fep-file on that.
    Fix-fep-file will lock out the real bad blocks. The cost is that some good
    blocks will be marked bad, but you save keying in the list.

This is not a win.  You WILL have random intermittant errors using
this disk.  Digital testing of a drive will pick up only really bad
flaws.  Factory testing for bad blocks on a specific disk drive is
done with an analog certification system connected directly to the
disk drive's heads.  This is necessary to find "soft" errors that
will cause future problems, but which may not be picked up by the
digital head interface used in the drive during normal operation.