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poll: third-party software for Genera

I would like to conduct an informal poll concerning the acquisition and
use of third-party software for Genera. My interest stems from a desire
to distribute a fairly large suite (~30) of systems.

The systems include tools for browsing packages, systems, command
tables; developing interfaces to databases; creating user interfaces;
manipulating text (e.g., indexing, normalizing, and tagging); and so on.

As a U.S. Department of Energy contractor, we have two options: send the
software to the National Energy Software Center, or set up a licensing
agreement to sell and maintain the software. Neither seems optimal.

The questions: (TPS = third-party software)

1. How have you obtained TPS for Genera? (personal contact, library, FTP
from host, purchased, etc.)

2. When considering TPS for Genera, do you want maintenance, or do you
expect to maintain the code yourself?

3. Is your primary use of Genera TPS in-house or do you incorporate TPS
into commercial products?

Please reply directly to me.

John Krieger (s9274@srl1.lanl.gov)
Westinghouse Savannah River Company

P.S. Any comments on the perceived success/failure of the SLUG library
might be of general interest.