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Kenneth J. Tarpey Named President And Ceo Of Symbolics, Inc.


Contact:  Mimi Englander, Sterling Hager, Inc., (617) 259-1400



BURLINGTON, Mass., September 26, 1991 -- Symbolics, Inc. (NASDAQ:SMBX), 
a leading international artificial intelligence and graphics turnkey 
systems provider, today announced the appointment of Kenneth J. Tarpey 
to the position of president and chief executive officer, replacing 
John S. Wurts, who will retain the position of chairman.

Tarpey, 38, who has more than fifteen years experience as a high level 
senior sales and service executive in the high tech and financial 
industries, joined Symbolics in 1989 as vice president of customer 
service.  Prior to joining the Company, Tarpey was Prime Computer's 
vice president of service business development and vice president of 
international customer service.  In his new role as president and 
chief executive officer, Tarpey will manage Symbolics' operations 
and near-term strategies.  As chairman, Wurts will continue to chart 
the Company's long-term strategic direction.

"In order for us to continue to support future product expansion and 
research and development efforts, it is integral to the success of the 
Company that we maintain a committed installed base that actively 
seeks out the support and service we are capable of providing," stated 
Wurts.  "For the past two years, Ken has consistently demonstrated an 
ability to sustain Symbolics' strong customer base, within both the 
Company's traditional AI base and its growing graphics business, as 
well as sustain the Company's integral customer service business, 
generating revenues which represent one-third of Symbolics' total 
corporate revenue," stated Wurts.  "In addition, Ken will further 
the Company's commitment to develop strategic alliances and secure 
major software development contracts."

As chairman, president and chief executive officer, Wurts has 
successfully maintained the Company's position as a pioneer and 
leader in providing symbolic processing software and hardware for 
the development and delivery of next generation expert systems.  
In addition, Wurts led the Company to its leading posture in the 
computer graphics industry with Symbolics' Unified Graphics system.

Symbolics, Inc., based in Burlington, Massachusetts, is a leading 
provider of symbolic processing hardware and software used in 
sophisticated applications including interactive scheduling and planning 
and computer-aided mathematical computing.  The Company also develops 
and supports state-of-the art Unified Graphics systems for graphics 
professionals in the television, post-production, film and corporate 
videographics markets.

Symbolics and Unified Graphics are trademarks of Symbolics, Inc.