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Re: dw:redisplay-helper-stream

      From: shirley@parc.xerox.com (Mark Shirley)
      I'm trying to write something similar to dw:format-graph-from-root ...

   From David Gadbois:
   It sounds like what you need is DW:CONTINUATION-OUTPUT-SIZE.

   From Bill York:

Thank you both.  This looks like the right thing.

   From David Gadbois:
   You have to be careful when doing nested invocations because it is
   really easy to get bad combinatorial behavior -- one of the big
   advantages of using CLIM is that it is easy to cache the sizes of
   subdisplays rather than recomputing them a zillion times.

I don't quite follow.  Does CLIM's equivalent to DW:CONTINUATION-OUTPUT-SIZE
cache its results?  (Which version of CLIM, by the way?)  If not, does CLIM
define a mechanism for doing this caching, or do you mean I can easily hash on
the continuations that I pass into DW:CONTINUATION-OUTPUT-SIZE?

 - Mark