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Future Releases of Statice

[If you are not a current or future user of Statice, feel free to skip
this message.  Statice is Symbolics' object-oriented database product.]

First, a thank you to everyone who responded to the Portable Statice
questionaire.  Your input is greatly appreciated.  There is a technical
issue concerning the existing Statice product which we are requesting
comments on.

Symbolics is considering changing the existing Statice product so that
(for the next non-ECO Genera release) entity handles returned by Statice
will be CLOS based rather than flavor based.  This change would require
users to convert their flavors methods to CLOS methods, and would
require users to convert flavors they inherit into their Statice types
to be converted to classes.  Would this incompatibility be a problem for
you, or would you welcome the shift to CLOS?  (There are semi-automatic
conversion tools to help with the conversion to CLOS.)