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Well, when it comes to uptime, we at Symbolics hold each other to pretty
high standards.  As evidence of that, consider the following message
that got circulated internally here at Symbolics a while back ...

-----Forwarded Mail Follows-----
Date: Tue, 12 Sep 1989 07:19 EDT
From: Bill Gosper <rwg@RUSSIAN.SPA.Symbolics.COM>
Subject: flakiness

I just had to boot due to a soft disk ecc in a paging partition.
Why, just last March, I booted for a power supply replacement.

A few screens I wish I hardcopied:  "... 86 inboxes deleted",
Peek idle times >3000 hrs, Macsyma command numbers reaching
several thousand several times, menus of editor buffers, mail
buffers (>9MW), and sent messages stretching on for pages...,
and, of course, EGC work units, given a couple of week-long
double-floating plots.  The session also survived a dozen or so
performances of the 1986 Stanford math animation, a Richter 5.1,
medfly spraying, 6 megabit window hardcopying, rendering, 3 DGCs...

How do they expect us to get any work done if we have to boot
these damned things all the time?  Support our boys in Diablo