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Cannibalizing 36xx's

I want to thank all of you for your answers; in particular:

  Richard Billington, David A. Bentzen  Jim Dumoulin, Doug Evans,  
  William D. Gooch, Steve Hopper, Barry  Margolin, John D. Reading,  
  Joel Riedesel (aka billy), Seibert and David R. Strip

The brief summary is that the various peripherals such as tape & modem
can be hooked up.  The system draws 9 or less amps (except at start up)
and should work fine on a typical circuit.  
[If anybody wants the whole collection of messages, let me know]

I managed to snatch the requisite pieces out from under the surplus
guys.  The catch will that 9 amps is too much to leave on all the time
($$$!!! for electricity) but on the other hand, a '40 boots too slow to
turn on & off frivolously.  Still, I'll see how it gets used...

Again, thanks.