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enable services on boot

    Date: Tue, 5 Nov 1991 17:22 EST
    From: cleary@corwin.CCS.Northeastern.EDU (Michael Cleary)

	 Date: Sun Nov  3 17:50:56 1991
	 From: barmar@Think.COM (Barry Margolin)

	 This is the only effect of the "Server Machine" attribute, so the
	 simplest solution is just to turn this attribute off.  That's what I do.

    I tried this when we installed 8.1 here.  However, I was unable to
    set the site unless one of our machines had the "server machine"
    attribute on.  ("Set site get from network" got the error message
    "no servers responded" until I turned the "server machine"
    attribute back on on one of the machines.)  As a result I decided
    to keep at least one of the machines designated a server, in case
    there was some other effect of the attribute.  Is there some way to
    get the site information from the network without designating a
    "server"?  If not, does this attribute also have _other_ effects?

I've used "Set Site get from network" without turning on the Server
Machine attribute, so I don't think that's the problem.  I just did a
"Show Callers :SERVER-MACHINE", and it was only used in three ways:

1) SI:INITILIZE-LISP-LISTENER sets its TURN-SERVERS-ON local variable to 


and uses this to decide whether to call ENABLE-SERVICES.

2) The callers of SI:DO-INITIAL-DIALOGUE (the function that puts up the
initial greeting after a cold-boot, warm-boot, or disk-save) pass the
same expression as its second argument.  All this function does with the
information is print "Note:  Servers are currently disabled."

3) The remote terminal server prints "Warning <hostname> is a server
machine.  Please exercise caution."

As to your "set site" example, the only thing that controls whether a
machine responds to the "get from network" broadcast is whether it is a
namespace server (either the primary or a secondary).  There's only 8
lines in the :WHO-AM-I server, and no reference to :SERVER-MACHINE.  I'm
at a loss to explain your experience.