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enable services on boot

Subject: enable services on boot

     Date: Sun Nov  3 17:50:56 1991
     From: barmar@Think.COM (Barry Margolin)

	 Date: Mon, 28 Oct 1991 15:12 EST
	 From: bwalls@marvin.msfc.nasa.gov

	 I have a 3650 that can autoboot.  Is there any way to have it enable
	 services once it is up?  I'm sure that is an old question, but I've
	 been away for a while.  Please reply directly to me, since I'm not
	 on the list.

     By default, services are enabled.  The exceptions are when the current
     site is the distribution site (in which case it mentions that it's not
     enabling services because it hasn't been site configured) or the "Server
     Machine" attribute in its namespace entry is set to "Yes".  It's
     probably this second cause in your case.

     This is the only effect of the "Server Machine" attribute, so the
     simplest solution is just to turn this attribute off.  That's what I do.

I tried this when we installed 8.1 here.  However, I was unable to
set the site unless one of our machines had the "server machine"
attribute on.  ("Set site get from network" got the error message
"no servers responded" until I turned the "server machine"
attribute back on on one of the machines.)  As a result I decided
to keep at least one of the machines designated a server, in case
there was some other effect of the attribute.  Is there some way to
get the site information from the network without designating a
"server"?  If not, does this attribute also have _other_ effects?


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