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Re: Paradigms of Artificial Intelligence Programming in Common Lisp (Norvig?)

In message entitled "Re: Paradigms of Artificial Intelligence Programming in 
Common Lisp (Norvig?)" on Nov 22, Al Underbrink writes:
> >A recent note recommended the above book; however, our library cannot find it
> >in books in print.  Would someone please provide a full reference (title,
> >author, publisher, date)?
> Its full title is "Paradigms of Artificial Intelligence Programming:
> Case Studies in Common Lisp," by Peter Norvig, published by
> Morgan-Kaufman in 1991.[...]
> One of my co-workers has the book (he ordered it a while back and just
> received it about a week ago).  I have looked thru it, and it looks like
> an EXCELLENT book.  It contains discussions on Lisp, knowledge
> representation, natural language processing, code examples (all of which
> can be ftp'd), and more.  I plan to order the book myself very soon and
> my co-worker has already retrieved the code from the network.

It is indeed an outstanding book. I have been using a prepublication draft
for some time, and have gotten a lot of use out of it, both personally and
as handouts (with the publisher's permission of course) in the AI Programming
class I teach at Johns Hopkins. It is, IMHO, by far the best advanced LISP and
AI Programming text on the market.

The code, by the way, is on unix.sri.com, in /pub/norvig.

						- Marty
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