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Re: Paradigms of Artificial Intelligence Programming in Common Lisp (Norvig?)

>A recent note recommended the above book; however, our library cannot find it
>in books in print.  Would someone please provide a full reference (title,
>author, publisher, date)?

Its full title is "Paradigms of Artificial Intelligence Programming:
Case Studies in Common Lisp," by Peter Norvig, published by
Morgan-Kaufman in 1991.  I requested and received the following
information from Morgan-Kaufman:

>The prices of the books are as follows:
>Paradigms of AI Programming, Norvig: $39.95 (paperback only)
>Shipping is $3.50 for the first book and $2.50 for each additional

One of my co-workers has the book (he ordered it a while back and just
received it about a week ago).  I have looked thru it, and it looks like
an EXCELLENT book.  It contains discussions on Lisp, knowledge
representation, natural language processing, code examples (all of which
can be ftp'd), and more.  I plan to order the book myself very soon and
my co-worker has already retrieved the code from the network.

Good luck,

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