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Removing character styles from files.

    Date: Wed, 11 Dec 1991 18:21 EST
    From: TAIT@INTELLICORP.COM (Mark Tait)

    This has probably been asked before, but I couldn't find it in the
    archives.  We have a customer that wants to get some code written for
    TI and Symbolics and move some of it over to a Sun running Lucid lisp
    4.0.  He made a tar tape with the files on it, read it in on the Sun
    and noticed that character styles were in some files.  He also noticed
    that the files didn't have linefeeds in it.  Has anyone come up with a
    filter to strip character styles out of files, and anyone got a
    workaround for the linefeed problem.

think.com:/public/think/lisp/font-stripper.c will remove character

The lack of linefeeds in the file probably means that the files were
written as binary files, rather than with ASCII translation.  In the
Symbolics character set, the newline character has octal code 215.  You
could easily modify font-stripper.c to translate '\215' to '\n'.  Also,
if the code uses any of the functions whose names are other Symbolics
special characters you can have it translate those to the standard
Common Lisp names (not-equal becomes /=, less-than-or-equal becomes <=,