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X Terminal question

We are using a Tandberg X-Terminal as an X-server connected to a
Symbolics.  The X-Terminal has a keyboard which includes umlauted
characters which we want displayed on the X remote screen from the
Symbolics.  We have defined a font on the Symbolics which includes
these umlauted characters, along with other "international"
characters.  The font uses the standard ISO 8-bit character codes for
international characters.  The special characters are typed on the
Symbolics using a <Ctrl> sequence.

When the remote screen is displayed, however, there is a beep when
an umlauted character is typed.  I know that the proper font is being
used, because when I use the <Ctrl> sequence, the proper character
is typed.  But I don't want to use the <Ctrl> sequence; I want to type
the key on the X-Terminal which corresponds to the umlauted character.

I have used XEV to find out the keycodes and keysyms for the X-Terminal
when it is connected to a Sun, and these all seem to be correct.  My
only hypothesis is that the X-client on the Symbolics needs to be 
modified somehow.  

Any suggestions are most appreciated.

Jennifer Oppenheim
Siemens-Nixdorf, Munich