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Re: Window questions

    Date: Thu, 16 Jan 1992 13:56 EST
    From: TYSON@ai.sri.com (Mabry Tyson)

	Date: Wed, 15 Jan 1992 21:17 PST
	From: myers@atr-ln.atr.co.jp (John K. Myers)

	The c-X c-B [List Buffers] command under Zmacs has become broken so that the MORE
	feature on the window doesn't work and the top half of the list scrolls by without
	stopping.  Double-click right on this screen to check its Attributes shows that
	More processing is Enabled and End of Screen action is Default.  The breaking may
	have occurred after a m-X Hardcopy File.  How can I fix this?

    I imagine the global more processing flag is set.  You can reset it with
    Function-1-m.   Hmmm.... in looking for the name of the variable that gets
    set by that, I stumbled across both
	    TV:MORE-PROCESSING-TRULY-GLOBAL-ENABLE  (what Function-m toggles)

For everyone's information...

Prior to Genera 8.1, there was only TV:MORE-PROCESSING-GLOBAL-ENABLE.
It was controlled by Function M, and programs would also bind it in
order to turn off more processing temporarily.

In Genera 8.1, the ":More Processing" standard option to CP commands was
added, and I suspect that they noticed how poorly things interacted with
one variable being used for both global and local options.  When ":More
Processing Default" is specified (or allowed to default),
TV:MORE-PROCESSING-GLOBAL-ENABLE is bound to its current value, which
would make Function M ineffectual for that command.  So it was split
into two variables.  More processing is only enabled for a window if all
of the following are true:

	- the window's MORE-P instance variable

Function c-M sets the first, Function M sets the last, and user programs
and the :More Processing option *bind* the middle one.  This makes it
easy to turn off more processing globally, for a window, or just for a
single command/form.

Unfortunately, as you seem to have found out, it makes it *harder* to
turn more processing back on when it's inadvertently turned off.  You
have to use Function 1 M, Function 1 c-M, and (setq
tv:more-processing-global-enable t).