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Position available at NASA Ames Research Center

Those of you looking for work in the SF Bay area might be interested in
the following position.  I am not affiliated with Sterling, but I do
work at this facility and can heartily recommend it.
 -- Chuck

Research Assistant position at NASA Ames Research Center

This is a Research & Development position in the artificial
intelligence research branch for a creative and energetic person to
work on research in intelligent control and its applications at NASA.
Current emphasis has been on research in neural networks and fuzzy
logic and their applications in control of dynamic systems.  

Minimum Qualifications:

	M.S. Degree in Electrical Engineering or Computer Science  
        with a solid foundation in mathematics and emphasis in
        artificial intelligence or control theory

        Thorough knowledge of C, Lisp, XWindow, and user interface design.


        Experience with hardware development of control experiments,
        robotics, and vision 

NASA Ames Research Center is situated 5 miles west of Stanford at
Moffett Field off the 101.  The AI Research Branch has a flexible,
dynamic working environment, is housed in a new building, and is one
of the leading AI groups in the US.  The intelligent control group has
a number of facilities for developing hardware prototypes of the
experiments including an intelligent agents lab and strong
collaborative works with the robotic labs and human factors groups. 

** Note ** : This is a government contractor position, not a civil service
position with NASA.

Interested applicants should send ressumes to 
  Sterling Federal Systems
  1121 San Antonio Rd.
  Palo Alto, CA  94303

  Attn: Vera Novosel
  Job ID: T008