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tcp problem?

    Date: Mon, 3 Feb 1992 11:51 EST
    From: bart@nynexst.com (Bart Burns)

    We have an xl1200 file server running genera-8-1-1, which when
    our MacIvories try to connect with - get stuck in "tcp-in".  When I 
    m-c-<suspend> I find them in a process:block-and-poll-wait  frame.

That's not much information.  Whenever the whostate is something other
than "Running" you're usually in a BLOCK-AND-POLL-WAIT-FUNCTION frame.
The rest of the backtrace would be helpful.

    The file-server meanwhile is stuck in #<process:process nfile control ...> tcp-in

    What's going on?

It's impossible to tell from the information you've provided.  TCP In is
a perfectly normal state for a network server process to be in; it means
that it's waiting for data from the other host.  In particular, NFILE
Control processes are in TCP In when they're idle, awaiting a new
command from the client.