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Plexi questions resolved

This is a followup to an earlier thread about the status of Plexi.
I've been in touch privately with Gary Roberts of Symbolics, and we've
cleared up the miscommunication we experienced.

I had made the comment that Plexi hadn't been distributed by Symbolics
for "about two years", to which Gary replied that his copy of our
contract indicated that distribution (formally) had ended only last
October.  It turns out that Gary was unaware of actions taken by
Symbolics in May 1990 which resulted in termination of our agreement
in Oct. 1990 (admittedly, not quite two years).

My own mental bit-rot led to the statement "Plexi never really made it
onto Genera 8.0".  (This may have been a bit of a surprise to those
who had been running Plexi quite successfully under 8.0).  When we
began this port, 8.0 was being called 7.5 by Symbolics internally, and
7.5 is number that stuck in my head, even though we ultimately sent
out tapes marked "8.0".  Gary has informed me that Symbolics provided
phone and e-mail support on Plexi through the life of Genera 8.0,
ending it about October 1991.

Finally, regarding our attempts at renewing the contract, it seems
that our respective comments were about different renewal discussions.
My comments pertained to the discussions that I participated directly
in, and Gary's to those he was involved with, and while we may not
totally agree on each other's characterizations in any case, at least
we now understand the bases of each other's comments.

So in a nutshell, Plexi is compatible with Genera 8.0, and if you're
interested in using it, please contact me.