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The Terminal Program

    Date: Fri, 21 Feb 1992 06:26 PST
    From: Healy@space50.nrl.navy.mil (Liam M. Healy)

	[...] However, my experience is
    that since 8.0 the VT100 emulator is broken -- lines are overprinted
    without being cleared, etc., and after one screenful, you cannot read
    anything.  I don't know if Symbolics intends to fix this.  The
    Ambassador emulator has no such problem.

TELNET::VT100-TERMINAL-SIMULATOR) is setting the cursor's Y position in
characters, when it should be in pixels.  The fix is straightforward; in
the arguments to the :SET-CURSORPOS message, just multiply YPOS by (send
*viewport-stream* :line-height).

I don't remember if I submitted this fix when I worked at Symbolics, but
I have sent it to them a couple of times.  It's a little irritating that
it's still not in the system nearly 2 years later.

 -- Chuck Fry  Chucko@charon.arc.nasa.gov