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Slowwww network transfer...

Today for the first time I have been plagued by a nasty
bout of sluggishness transferring a file from an
Amiga to a 3650 via tcp-ftp.  Normally I can transfer
a 1.5 meg image file in an acceptably slow (not sure,
a minute or so), but today I'm getting pauses of
several minutes where no apparent activity goes on at
all. 25kbytes to 100kbytes will pass over, and then
another 1-5 minute wait happens before continuing.
I've peek around a bit (not really knowing what
problems to be looking for), and can't see anything
suspicious. The problem could be on the Amiga side
too I suppose, but if anyone has any suggestions
that may kick this thing's butt into action, I'd
sure appreciate it.  Thanks
NOTE - This is a 3650 running Genera 7.2, S-Paint
is running in the background (not doing anything,
for sure).
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