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shoe-horning worlds onto small disks

Yesterday I put an 8-1 world load onto a 3640 with two small disks on it
and ran into a curious phenomenon.  I discovered that the sum of the
distribution world for 8-0-1 and that for 8-1 was larger than fep0, so I
was at a loss for what to do.  The software gave me an option of
"selective delete", so I bit my lip and told it to delete the running
world load.  It was still running after about 10 minutes.  I suspended
it and it was running functions with names like
"move-world-to-swap-space" so I thought everything was fine.  Finally,
it ended in an error claiming that the file was in use.  Does this
delete-the-running-world mechanism actually work?

(To finish the story, I ended up going 8-0-1 -> 7-2 -> 8-1 with 13
blocks to spare and a few hours gone.)

-Bill Long (wjl@mit.edu)