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Great Eastern...

    Date: Tue, 31 Mar 1992 18:12 EST
    From: Scott_Busse%mindlink.bc.ca@Warbucks.AI.SRI.COM (Scott Busse)

    Thanks for the phone #'s y'all! I see
    their address is Cambridge...are they
    operating with Symbolics' blessing or
    are they raiding Symbolics' garbage bins?

They are competing with Symbolics; they also service Suns, Macs, and
PC's.  I think they get their parts by buying them from Symbolics
customers, and then refurbishing them.  We've sold them quite a bit of
our surplus stuff (actually, I think we've done more trading than
selling).  One of their technicians is Kenny Byrne, who used to be our
Symbolics CE; he's great.