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scsi disks

 Sorry to bring this up, but we absoulutely have to get this problem
  We installed a imprimis disk drive on our xl1200 last nite, formatted
it, and are now having troubles with   create initial fep filesystem 10
where 10 is the unit number.  THe scsi address is 3, and according to
the doc the fep number should be scsi address plus 7.  The help
for create init fep filesystem shows  that it knows only fep 0.
We've warm booted (halt machine and then start) to no avail.  (cli::find-scsi-boards)
knows about the drive as does  'show fep dir' (which bombs on unit 10 because there
is no disk label).
 I suspect that either a cold boot or a power down and cold boot would fix
the problem, but i'd really like to avoid that since we have ~80Mwords of
virtual memory used that 1) we dont have disk space to save and 2) it would
take too long to save and reload.
  I suspect that there is a way to reset the internal caches and tell 
create init fep filesystem that there is really a unit 10 out there, but
am not sure how to do it.
  Any help on this matter is greatly appreciated.
thanks in advance,
steve willis