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Correction to XL400/1200 Block Size?

    Date: Wed, 8 Apr 1992 18:23-0000
    From: smith@icat.larc.nasa.gov (Steven L. Smith)

    I want to save my lmfs.file.1 (not a file WITHIN the LMFS) file, however,
    I need to set the byte size in the file attribute. What is the byte
    size of a block for a XL400/1200? It's not the same for 3600 machines.

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Do a Dired of your Fep, pick the largest world.
Divide the world byte size by its block size.

For the 36xx machines (36 bit) (World - Genera-8-1)
  (floor 40950144 35547) => 1152
For Ivory machines (40 bit)
  (floor 51759360 40437) => 1280

Double check that you have not been doing funny things with the number
base on the machine (ie. everything is in decimal).