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Problems with Unix accessing Symbolics files

    Date: Thu, 9 Apr 1992 14:37 EDT
    From: SJAMESON@FERGIE.dnet.ge.com (Stephen M Jameson)

    As you all know by now, I am working on transferring our Symbolics file system
    over to a Unix server.  My latest question deals with the issue of granting
    access to the files by Unix machines.  Offhand, the only potential problem I
    can see with this is the failure of Unix to respect file numbering conventions.
    Has anybody experienced any other problems with this situation?  Since we
    currently do not have direct access by Unix machines to Symbolics files, I am
    willing to nix direct access by Unix machines for even relatively minor
Another aspect of Symbolics files that can confuse Unix applications is
character styles in text files.