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> Dear SLUGS,
>  What is the BTU and power requirements (amps) for a 3650
>  and a XL1200?
> Steve Smith                          | Internet: smith@icat.larc.nasa.gov
> NASA Langley Research Center         |

  Our 3650's (4Mword memory, 8 bit color, 2 760Mbyte SMD drives) consume
 9.2 Amps continuously and startup with a very short 17 amp spike.  It
 is configured from Symbolics with a 20Amp NEMA twist-lock plug.  It
 dissipates about 5000 BTU's of heat per hour (about the heat of a 1500 Watt
 hair dryer).  

  I never measured the heat or current from our XL-1200 (4Mword memory with
 a photon board) but it is less than our 3650's.  The power plug on the back
 is a standard 15amp wall outlet connector and the sticker says it can
 consume 12amps.  I would assume that is worst case if all VME slots and
 disks are installed.

                                                 Jim Dumoulin
                                                 NASA / Kennedy Space Center