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MacIvory help requested


I've recently gotten a MacIvory system which I would also like to be
able to use as an X terminal using Apple's MacX software.  I'm having
a good bit of difficult getting this going, and would appreciate any
information/ideas.  I had hoped to be able to continue to use the
machine as a Symbolics, but am growing convinced that this is not
really feasible, and also would appreciate guidance in this respect.

The system was bought from Symbolics and so is probably a standard
configuration, but briefly:

Mac IIx, 8 Meg RAM, ~340 Meg drive, Apple tape backup, Radius BW
monitor (now looking really terrible), TrueVision NuVista HR color
card, Sony GDM-1950 color monitor, Ivory processor card, Symbolics
keyboard and mouse, original MacIvory software (no upgrades, if there
have been any), Genera 7.4 (though I have 8), Mac System 6.03.

Particular difficulties for which I would like help:

I cannot seem to move to any higher Mac System 6 revision without
somehow disabling the mouse driver for the Symbolics mouse.  I have a
diskette with the driver and Install scripts, but the installation
seems to have no effect.

I have been completely unable to get the color monitor working through
the Mac.  It continues to work well when used from Ivory (indicating
to me that there should be no hardware incompatibility).  I have
reenabled the on-card RAM and have downloaded all of the drivers that
TrueVision originally supplied, with no success.  I have been unable,
however, to successfully install 32bit Quickdraw because of the above
difficulty of moving to a higher rev than 6.03.  Is this part of the
problem?  TrueVision support has sent me new drivers, but none seem to
work any better now, so I plan to try them again after installing
System 7.  This issue is the one giving me the most grief.  I would
also appreciate any specs available on the Sony monitor: we seem to
have no documentation for it.

The System 7 compatibility checker tells me that almost none of the
applications on the machine now are compatible.  Has anyone succeeded
in using MacIvory under System 7?  We have allowed the maintenance
contract on the system to slip, so we don't know of any
updates/revisions to the Ivory software.  I'm not too worried about
this now:  if I have to keep a System 6 around that would be fine.

Is there an easy way to make the Ivory file system (ie the Mac file
which contains all of Ivory) visible to the Mac so that I can back up
the whole thing at once?

With bated breath,
Bill Smith