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From: kerry@ADS.COM (Kerry Koitzsch)
Subject: Symbolics tape drive(s) question
Message-ID: <1992Jun24.233150.3523@ads.com>
Summary: Information, 3640 cartridge drive units wanted
Keywords: 3600, 3640, 3670, QIC, etc.
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Date: Wed, 24 Jun 1992 23:31:50 GMT

hello symbolics experts:

Could anyone enlighten me on the differences between the 3600, 3640,
and 3670 cartridge drive, from a hardware standpoint and from a 'QIC'
standpoint? that is, why cant I use a 3670 cartridge drive in a 3600,
3640? And has anyone used the debug tape software in the LMTAPE directory?
I'm putting together two 3640 systems and would like the benefit of
peoples expertise. Also, if you have 3640 tape drives you wish to sell,
please send me a note including your 'asking price'.
thanks, kerry