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mail signatures

I didn't expect so much "philosophy" to come around by just asking for
mail signatures!  It's funny how some (apparently) small technical
details have a heavy load of "culture".  I was aware of that, actually:
I recently browsed thru the "New Hackers' Guide" that now contains in
addition of jargon.text the culture of unix, pcs and macs.  Having seen
the first edition (only lisp culture) and being myself more attracted by
the lisp community rather than the unix one, I was a bit disappointed.
Thinking about it twice, though, I didn't really like my own reaction.
I though "well, vince, that's the beginning of racism - disliking people
different from you and excluding them".

So, I applaud the new version of the dictionary, I applaud people that
- while expressing their own ideas - accept others' ideas and - like you
guys (Scott, Douglas, Eyvind...) - discuss pleasantly on the mailing
lists (I hope I used the right words to express myself - English is not
my native language).

Sorry Scott for what's following this - hope I don't offend you too
much! ;-) 


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