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bug report - no reply

    Date: Thu, 2 Jul 1992 09:18 EDT
    From: drstrip@isrc.sandia.gov (David R. Strip)

    I sent a bug report yesterday and did not even get an acknowledgement.
    Is anyone there, or do I have to call in to get a response.

David, did you send the bug report to Slug, or to
Customer-Reports@Symbolics.Com?  Excuse my slight testiness, but I am
wondering why you thought Slug was the right place to direct this
question.  And you didn't even let 24 hours elapse -- your report was
sent at 10:30 EDT yesterday.

As it happens, just before I even saw this message, Danna Li of our
Software Support group had sent a response to your report; you should
have it already, by the time you are reading this.

In general, we try to respond to all phone and network mail reports from
Software Support customers, at least with an acknowledgement, within one
working day.  We can't promise instant response, and it may sometimes
take a bit longer than one day, depending on circumstances.  But we are
trying, with limited resources, to be responsive.

Please be a little patient with us.  Thanks.

Douglas Dodds   (dodds@symbolics.com)
Symbolics, Inc.
Concord, Mass.