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LISP-JOBS mailing list

The following mailing list recently came to my attention.  Its
appearance is especially timely, since the ALU (nee SLUG) board is
currently discussing a resource book, essentially a "Who's Who" in the
Lisp community, and this list would seem a perfect complement.

 -- Chuck Fry  Chucko@charon.arc.nasa.gov

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Date: Thu, 2 Jul 1992 12:42 PDT
From: John Sambrook <john@amc.com>
To: lisp-jobs@amc.com
Subject: Sample FAQ for LISP-JOBS
Sender: lisp-jobs-request@amc.com

[ This mail was sent from the LISP-JOBS mailing list.  LISP-JOBS exists 
  to help Lisp programmers find Lisp programming positions.  Please send 
  administrative requests to lisp-jobs-request@amc.com.  Other material
  appropriate to the list may be posted directly to lisp-jobs@amc.com. ]

This is my second message to LISP-JOBS.  The list is now using the
distribute(1) program and hopefully this message will be transmitted
without massive failures.  Please keep in mind I am relatively new at
running a mailing list.

We now have more than 35 members on the list.  I think this is a 
great start and I will be doing what I can to make the list useful,
modulo the other constraints on my time.  

One way for me to be more effective is to ask you, the list members,
to do a little bit of leg-work.  I would like to ask each of you to
try to find one or two people who don't currently know about LISP-JOBS
and provide them with information on the list.  In particular, if you
know of Lisp programming positions, please post them to the list.

I will be posting information on the LISP-JOBS mailing list to a few
appropriate USENET newsgroups in the near future.  I would prefer to
wait a couple of days until the 'please add me' traffic drops a bit
and I know that the list is generally functional.

Finally, I am including my first cut at a Frequently Asked Questions
(FAQ) posting.  Please review it if you are so inclined and send me 
any serious problems you discover.  Please keep in mind that I am 
limited in how much time I can devote to fine-tuning it.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) List for the LISP-JOBS Mailing List

This message provides, in question and answer format, information
about the LISP-JOBS mailing list.  This posting was last updated on
July 2, 1992.

 1. What is the LISP-JOBS mailing list?

    The LISP-JOBS mailing list is a free service intended to help 
    bring Lisp programmers and people with Lisp programming jobs 

 2. Who can join the list?

    There are no restrictions on joining the list, although the point of
    the list is to help Lisp programmers find people with Lisp work to be
    done, and vice-versa.

 3. How do I use the list?

    If you are a Lisp programmer looking for work (full time, part time,
    contract, what-have-you) you may want to send an ''add'' request to
    ''lisp-jobs-request@amc.com.''  You will be added to the list and 
    will receive all mail (e.g., job announcements) posted to the list.

    If you are a Lisp programmer and you want to post your resume you may
    send it to ''lisp-jobs@amc.com.''  Resumes should not be posted over
    and over again, since most list members are probably not interested 
    in it.

    If you have Lisp programming work to be performed, you can post a job
    description of the work to ''lisp-jobs@amc.com.''  Your job description
    will be broadcast to all members of the list.  Recruiters are welcome
    to post descriptions to the list, as long as they are real descriptions
    of Lisp programming jobs.

    If you have problems or other questions please feel free to send mail
    to me at ``john@amc.com.''

 4. What about confidentiality?    
    Confidentiality is important and I will try to maintain it as best
    I can, however, I can not guarantee it.  Someone may find a way to
    discover who is on the list; I also suspect that some mailer problem
    might disclose the membership list.

    If you are seriously concerned about this you should probably not 
    join the list.

    I would also point out that I expect that we may have some recruiters
    using the list, and so if you post directly to the list you run the
    risk of being contacted by a recruiter directly.  Obviously, I have
    no control over this.  Again, it is up to you to decide your level of

 5. Why are you doing this?

    I am doing this because I believe Lisp is a great programming language
    and I want to do what I can to help it succeed.

    I intend to maintain the list while I have the resources to do so and 
    while I believe that the list is being productive.  If for some reason
    I can no longer maintain the list I will endeavor to turn it over to
    someone else who can maintain it.

 6. Can only ``Lisp'' jobs be posted?

    As far as I am concerned any job involving Lisp or a Lisp-like 
    language is fair game for this list.  I certainly do not intend
    to have to decide what is appropriate and what is not. 

    Also, all uses of the word ``Lisp'' within this message should be 
    understood to mean ``Lisp or a Lisp-like language.''

 7. Does it have to be a permanent position?

    No.  You are welcome to post any kind of Lisp programming job in
    this forum.  Many of the readers are interested in full-time 
    positions, and others are interested in part-time or contract work.

 8. What can I do to help?

    I would appreciate it if everyone would do what they can to support
    this effort.  For example, if you know of someone looking for help 
    with a Lisp project, let them know about this list, and help them use
    it effectively.  Alternatively, if you are a skilled Lisp programmer
    looking for work, consider joining the list.

    If you can post a description of this service to other networks, that
    would also be useful.  Providing a paper copy of this message to Lisp
    recruiters would also help to get the word out.

John Sambrook                             DNS: john@amc.com
Applied Microsystems Corporation	 UUCP: amc-gw!john
Redmond, Washington  98073               Dial: (206) 882-2000 ext. 630

[ Please help spread the word about the LISP-JOBS mailing list! ]

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