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dialnet access to riverside

    Date: Tue, 30 Jun 1992 23:13 EDT
    From: William D. Gooch <gooch@tijeras.sw-sw.com>

    In light of the announced impending cessation of dialout from riverside
    for mail delivery, I would like to find out if other people experince to
    same difficulty I have in getting dialnet service when dialing in.
    Although I can occasionally (usually late at night) get riverside to
    answer and give me dialnet service when I dial in, far more frequently
    my attempts at contact fail for reasonas which are not entirely clear to
    me.  The most common response from my mailer is, e.g.:

    21:47:06 < Message 31405: Network error sending with MAIL-TO-USER (SMTP) -- RIVERSIDE.SCRC.SYMBOLICS.COM on DIAL|DIAL to 
			      (RIVERSIDE.SCRC.SYMBOLICS.COM): Request for dialnet stream to RIVERSIDE.SCRC.SYMBOLICS.COM was refused; 
    reason given was DIAL 1 15123463480.
    21:47:07 < Message 31405: RIVERSIDE.SCRC.SYMBOLICS.COM has gone down

Whenever this happened to me at customer sites, the number reported was the same
as the one I was dialing (e.g. Riverside's); it turned out that the real problem
was that the modems had disconnected and the DIAL 1 nnnnnnnnnn message was being
locally echoed by the modem.  The dialnet stream doesn't monitor carrier detect,
so it doesn't notice that the connection has dropped.

However, I don't seem to have the same problem from home.  (I do frequently
get the "unsynchronized peer" message, but usually a second try fixes it.)

    This also happens with other dialnet hosts I call, but with much lower
    frequency than with riverside.  If this continues and riverside ceases
    dialing out, I don't know whether it will be practical for me to send or
    receive mail along that path.  For several reasons, I cannot afford to
    keep a machine up 24 hours a day, and frequent attempts to contact
    riverside will, in my experience, simply run up my phone bill without
    getting the mail through.

    I hope this message gets delivered...