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package problems

I am using an XL400 under Genera 8.0.
I am having a bunch of trouble getting packages defined correctly in a system I
have put together.  A few files in the system require CLOS.  Those files call
out ALP-CLOS in the top line.  The package ALP-CLOS is defined as below:

(defpackage alp-clos
  (:use "common-lisp")
  (:use "clos")
  (:shadowing-import documentation setf))

I wanted to define the package with the following CL code, by the Symbolics 
doesn't support it:

(defpackage alp-clos
  (:use "common-lisp")
  (:shadowing-import-from "clos" documentation)
  (:shadowing-import-from "clos" setf)
  (:use "clos"))

The system uses common lisp user as the default package; alp-clos is called out
as needed in particular files.

I first time i load the system, I get package problems; e.g.,

Trap: The function CLASS-PROTOTYPE is undefined

even though the defpackage code defined above has been loaded.

If I quit at this point and reload the system, I get:

Error: Making package ALP-CLOS use package CLOS causes name conflicts:

When I choose the option:

<RESUME> Prefer the symbols from CLOS, un-interning or shadowing competitors.

everything loads and runs fine from then on.

How do I avoid this error loop?  Is my defpackage wrong?  Am I loading things in
the wrong order?  I am quite perplexed.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.

--Robin Rouch Kladke
Martin Marietta
Denver, CO