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Communication between Symbolics & Sun using TCP

   Date: Mon, 24 Aug 92 18:46:00 MDT
   From: robin@jarrett.den.mmc.com (Robin Kladke (303-977-9760))

   My essential problem is this: I can establish a connection with the Sun and it
   will attempt to send me a message.  I, however, don't know when the message
   arrives because my server function (defined through neti:define-server) is
   never invoked. Shouldn't this functionality activate when a message is sent
   to the port specified through tcp:add-tcp-port-for-protocol ?  Note that i did
   not say that i don't receive the message sent.  If i peek at the contents of
   the buffered input stream, the message is there, but it never gets pushed on
   my message stack!

The server function is invoked when another machine initiates a connection
to the Lispm.  If the connection is initiated by the Lispm, then it's the
client, not the server.  You should be reading from the stream that was
opened by INIT-TCP and processing that input.

You might be better off making use of the RPC facilities rather than using
TCP directly.  In addition to handling the interaction better, it also
takes care of the byte ordering for you.