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    Date: Wed, 26 Aug 1992 16:02 EDT
    From: Peter Paine <p2@porter.asl.dialnet.symbolics.com>

    I find myself needing to use the small kbd (non-extended) on the
    Is there some alternative key binding for <End> (and other special
    keys), or has anyone got a hack to get me going (hyper-return = <end>
    would do)?

Sure.  Just use the Keyboard Control application to fix all the settings
that you want.  Here are MacIvory guru Gary Palter's words:

  He can use the Keyboard Control activity to edit the mappings for some
  of the keys which do appear on his keyboard.  Then, use Keyboard
  Control's 1:Save Differences0 command to put a set of forms on the kill
  ring that he can include in his LispM-init, or build into a world, to
  make the mapping changes "permanent".

  The standard Apple keyboard is missing a lot of keys which we use for
  various purposes.  It's not clear he'll be able to assign them all to
  existing keys.

The application and the process is documented in "Changing the Keyboard
Mappings on a MacIvory".  (You may not be able to map hyper-anything
because that's not a shift key, to the Macintosh.  But you could map,
e.g., symbol-shift-Return to End.)

Douglas Dodds   (dodds@symbolics.com)
Symbolics, Inc.
Concord, Mass.