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Writing output to different processes

    Date: Thu, 27 Aug 1992 18:22 EDT
    From: robin@jarrett.den.mmc.com (Robin Kladke (303-977-9760))

    To accomplish this, I do a process-run-function on the heartbeat checker
    function.  If the *hb-recvd* variable is set during the interval, the 
    process kills itself (using process-abort on *current-process*).  IF the
    variable is not set, the program prints a message to the operator. 
    Currently, the message to the operator is printed in the HEARTBEAT-TIMEOUT
    background stream not to the window from which i invoke the program, causing
    the operator to Function-0-S in order to see it.  How do i get the output
    to print to the main window (which is, in this case, Dynamic Lisp Listener 1)?
    I would like to print the message to the main window then issue another
    process-abort.  If i issue a process abort now with (format t "..."), the
    operator will never see the message.  I could keep the id of the process outside
    of this function and kill it before exiting, but there may be multiple processes
    running and it would be easier to kill in the function and use *current-process*.  Any suggestions?

The right way for background programs to display asynchronous messages
to the user is with TV:NOTIFY.  This will either print in the currently
active window, or display a pop-up notification if the active window is
in a state that doesn't allow asynchronous messages.