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Information on Symbolics line

I have the opportunity to bid on a symbolics machine given at Martin Marietta
auction.  Unfortunately, I've never seen a symbolics like this one!  Has
anyone out there ever seen a CPU with "Symbolics 1294" on it?  Is it an
XL1200?  The XL1200 i've seen had "XL1200" on it.  It has a smaller footprint
than the 3600 series -- about as big as a big PC tower case.  Please forward
any information to me immediately; i would greatly appreciate it.

If you do know what this beast is, do you have any idea how old it is?  Its
value?  Software & Hardware availability?  I am looking to buy a Symbolics
Lisp Machine, but really want to buy 2, one for parts.

--Robin Kladke